Cloud Bed - Grey Flannel with Hot Pink Trim

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Our KONA CAVE® Cloud Beds are dreamy. 

Designed for dogs who prefer to stretch out across furniture or crave extra supportive cushioning, the Cloud Bed is ideal. 

The Cloud Bed is comprised of three separate, foam-filled, extra-thick inner cushions that create soft and supportive channels for your pup’s comfort.  The elegant flannel fabric makes the exterior of the bed super soft and cozy, while the bright decorative trim looks beautiful in your home. 

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    • Ideal for all dog sizes who enjoy stretching out
    • Extra-supportive foam cushion inserts offer comfort and protection for your dog's joints, while insulating them from the cold, hard floor
    • Great for older dogs that need more support
    • The elegant flannel fabric, with contrasting bright pink trim, looks sophisticated in your home
    • Zippers placed on both ends of the bed making it easy to remove cover for washing
    • Matching Home and Pet Accessories available 
    • KONA CAVE® is eco-friendly.  Our bed covers are made using OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified fabrics.  This means that, at every point in production, these fabrics are safe for the environment, your pet and your home
    • Ethically made in Europe with love
  • ONE SIZE:  80cm x 63cm x 15cm (31.5" x 25" x 6")

    KONA CAVE Dog Bed Size Chart - washable, designer dog beds for small and large dogs
    • Bed Cover - OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, premium upholstery flannel fabric - 100% polyester, wrinkle resistant
    • Trim - nylon
    • Inner cushions - supportive shredded foam
    • Inner cushion covers are made from thick, non-woven polypropylene - which is tear resistant, water repellent, breathable, flexible and is good for the environment due to its natural decomposition ability
    • Bed cover:
      • Fabric is semi-stain resistant; simply wipe spots clean before they have a chance to set into fabric
      • We recommend regular pet hair removal with a lint roller to keep your KONA CAVE® looking good
      • Remove bed cover before washing
      • Machine wash on the gentle cycle
      • Wash at 30 ˚C (cold) 
      • Use a mild detergent to keep colors vibrant
      • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents
      • Hang to dry
      • Do not machine dry
      • Do not iron
      • Do not dry clean
    • Inner cushions:
      • Inner cushion covers are made from thick, non-woven fabric which repels liquids - spills on the inner pillows are easily wiped away
      • Spot clean inner cushions
      • Do not machine wash
      • Do not dry clean

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