Kristen Geldermann Founder of KONA CAVE luxury dog beds. jack russell dog beds.

About Kona

Kona (a.k.a Kona Bear), a Jack Russell Terrier, born in the beautiful beach town of Montauk, New York, was raised on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.  He spent his days in Central Park and his weekends in the Hamptons, playing ball on the beach.

In the evenings, when Kona wasn’t snuggled up on his mom’s favorite Ralph Lauren cashmere blanket, he was in her bed, sleeping under the covers.

When Kona's mom traveled around the world, fell in love with a German man and moved to Munich, Kona was no longer allowed to sleep in the people bed and snuggle under the blankets. Poor Kona was left out in the cold.

Kona’s mom was heartbroken and wanted to create the perfect bed to keep him snuggled, warm and protected at night. In addition, this bed needed to be stylish and attractive in their home. After intensive research, endless design prototypes, and more than two years of thorough testing, Kona and Kristen's dream bed was finally realized, the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed.  Not only did his new bed meet all his natural sleeping needs, it was modern and sophisticated and looked great in their home.

In 2017, the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed was recognized for its unique and functional design and was awarded patent protection in multiple countries.

With KONA CAVE®, Kristen found her passion and continues to design fashionable and practical dog items that she needs but cannot find on the market.  The KONA CAVE® Travel Mat was one such item, designed so that Kona would have a clean and warm place to sleep while out in the restaurants and cafés of Europe with his parents.  The KONA CAVE® Home Interior collection followed quickly as pet parents wanted beautifully designed, pet-friendly home accessories to complement their KONA CAVE® lifestyle. 

About Kona's Mom

Kristen, a longtime executive at Polo Ralph Lauren in New York City, applied her extensive luxury, fashion and style-know-how into designing elegant, high-quality dog beds for her four-legged love, Kona.  
Her passion and dedication to elegance and quality are evident in every detail of KONA CAVE®'s lifestyle dog products.




Dogs love us

  • We design dog beds that your dog actually WANTS - secure, soft, and luxurious... with maximum snuggling potential.
  • We design beds that your dog actually NEEDS - catering to their natural sleeping instincts, offering security and support when they sleep, and providing protection from cold, hard floors.
  • We have rigorously tested our dog beds with Kona and his friends. We have obsessively observed their patterns and rest tendencies in order to optimize our designs for their ultimate comfort.
  • Our beds cater to your dog's comfort and ensure proper joint support to help them live a happier and healthier life. 

You will love us too


All KONA CAVE® bed designs are sophisticated, modern and stylish. Our goal is to make brilliant and cozy dog beds that actually look good in your home.
  • We choose only high-quality, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified premium upholstery fabrics which are not harmful to pets or the environment, look beautiful in your home and are soft and durable for your dog.
  • We offer matching dog-friendly home interiors to complement your KONA CAVE® lifestyle. 
  • All fabric covers are machine washable so both your home, and your dog smell lovely.
  • And don’t worry, since accidents happen, interior bed pillows are washable too.

We are passionate about quality

  • All KONA CAVE® products are ethically handmade in Europe by our family of artisans.
  • Decorative vegan leather piping enhances the design of our beds, making them a welcome addition to the fashionable home.
  • Beds have four individual inner support pillows that make up the bolster bed frame, ensuring the bed keeps its shape and the bolster sides remain supportive for your dog.  This also makes inserting the pillows a breeze.
  • Pillow fillings are just right! We tested a lot of different fill capacities to ensure that the cushions are perfect for your pet. 
  • Bed cushions are filled with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified siliconized polyester.  The siliconized polyester is dust and allergen resistant and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification ensures that the fillings are not harmful to your dog or the environment.
  • Seams, zippers and straps are reinforced for strength and durability.
  • All bed zippers are placed on the inside of the bed covers to protect your floor from potential scratches.
  • Inner zippers create a clean and sleek look and are strategically placed so your dog will never know they are there.
  • We love designing all the important details that make our beds special.

Snuggle Cave Beds, Bolster Beds & Cloud Beds

Not sure what size dog bed will be most comfortable for your dog? Let us help you decide with some breed recommendations, based on weight and how your dog likes to sleep.

Travel Dog Beds

Not sure what size travel dog bed will be most comfortable for your dog? Let us help you decide with some breed recommendations, based on weight and how your dog likes to sleep

We hope you find these suggestions helpful, but no one knows your dog better than you. Think about their sleeping habits, do they like to curl up into a small space or stretch out and own the couch?  By observing how your pup likes to sleep, it will help you decide on which dog bed style and size is right for you.
Unsure if your dog will love a Snuggle Cave Bed?
Here is a list of breeds who we know love the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed. When in doubt, we recommend sizing up to ensure your dog's ultimate comfort. 
Still unsure?  Email us at woof@konacave.com and we'll be happy to help you make a decision.